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About Brooke’s Big Heart

On June 17th, 2009, our world was forever changed when we learned that our 6 week-old baby girl had acquired a rare, but deadly heart disease, which enlarged her heart, and would eventually require a transplant. After 2 weeks in the Pediatric ICU, we were able to take her home on a myriad of heart medications where she enjoyed life with her family for the next two years. In June of 2011, her enlarged and weakened heart just couldn’t keep up the fight and she was listed for a heart transplant at the highest priority level. After living in the hospital for 75 days, at the age of 2 ½, Brooke received the life saving gift of a donor heart. She shocked everyone at how well she recovered from her heart transplant surgery. She was walking the halls of the hospital, with her sparkly pink purse, on day 2 and came home from the hospital just 8 days after receiving a new heart. She is currently enjoying life at home with her protective big brother, Billy. Brooke enjoys playing with her Barbie’s and princesses, and is hoping to begin dance class soon. We are forever indebted to her donor family who, while in the midst of their grief, made the decision to save our daughter’s life.

While in the hospital, we met several families that were not as fortunate as we were, and suffered the loss of their child while on the transplant list. Because of them, we were inspired to create awareness for organ donation registration. Brooke’s Big Heart was created so that people could register to be organ donors in as little as 90 seconds. Statistics show that 18 people die every day while waiting for an organ donation, including young children, because there are simply not enough organs available. Please consider registering as an organ donor, and discuss your wishes with your family. Through you, someone like our precious Brooke can have a new beginning.

To read about Brooke’s journey from diagnosis to transplant, please visit her Caringbridge site:
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